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Year to Date Donation Total: $22.00

1968 Ford F250


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Vehicle Details

Price: $1,500

Mileage: 50,000

Exterior Color: Yellow

Interior Color: Brown

Engine: 6 Cylinder

Transmission: Manual

Fuel: Gasoline

Drive: Four wheel drive

VIN: f26brd42704

Description: this is a solid truck with little rust. it is currently non-running due to living in a field for past 30 yrs. and feeding the electrical system to the field mice. the body was in very good shape until last year when a pine tree fell on it and dented the roof. neither door closes now. i hauled this highboy over from the central valley to the coast 4 yrs. ago intending on learning by doing and making this my project. my wife says 4 yrs. is long enough in the garage and it has to go. i believe this is a diamond in the rough in that with the aid of some friends and a lot of starter fluid we managed to hot wire this truck and it ran real well, albeit for only a brief time. i have replaced all fluids and belts and it has new plugs and points. it has a dana divorced differential and as i said has surprisingly little rust considering the outdoor time. i took the flat split rims off and replaced with bald tires but chrome rims (cheapest way to get it to roll). if you look up the vin it gives you all specifics. i believe it must have originally been a utility vehicle that was purchased by the previous owner and painted an off yellow. it has the dual spotlights on the driver/passenger side. the interior was filled with rat and mouse droppings but it has been cleaned out well. i don't expect it could return to pristine condition but it seems that it could be brought back to an excellent workhorse. let me know if you have any questions or interest.


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Seller Details

Name: Brent Hopkins
Location: cambria, California 93428

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